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How it all started-

Smoke & Barrels was created to bring high-quality barbeque, authentic smoked meats, and a range of house-made pantry goods to Hong Kong. Our intimate but vibrant space nestled amongst the Graham Street Market is open daily for eat-in and take-out, with a production bakery and smokehouse on-site as well.


Inspired by the traditions of Southern-style barbeque from the United States, we respect and admire the rich history of smoked meats from the Deep South, but at the same time, we are not bound by its traditions. Our ingredients are sourced from a global pantry, which reflects the diversity of our city, and keeps our products affordable. So, don't be surprised when we're not using exclusively American ingredients and products. But rest assured that we have hand-picked each and every supplier and purveyor for our products. 


We are also mindful of the environmental constraints for smoking in the central business district in Hong Kong -- therefore we employ smoking equipment that is fitted out with the latest technology in order to maintain the highest quality and consistency while being a good neighbor.


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